The Parisian Vibe

If Paris was a painting it can be a Van Gogh masterpiece in yellow. Paris is vibrant! Paris is good life. People are dancing Salsa and Tango along the river banks and at the steps of Trocadero, teens drinking along Seine, artworks of are superb more than enough to attract a crowd, the weather was fine, food and wine are awesome and architecture wise this is paradise.

I was able to walk along central Madrid in a day (22kms) but Paris, even at the Louvre I raised the white flag after strolling one floor, YES a single floor. If I visited all the galleries that will equate to running a half marathon yet Louis XIV consider this former palace small so he built Versailles. From Gothic, to Renaissance and Eclectic- Paris have it all.

Add your crazy friend, then your trip will be totally unforgettable. From looking and not finding and leaving Starbucks bag unattended. We’re just crazy and some things never changed.

Old friends still one of the best, we’re crazier as we grew in years.


At the background is I. M. Pie’s Louvre Pyramid, legend said that it is made up of 666 glass panes.



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