Keunkenhof, the Garden of Europe

It was a long journey from London to Amsterdam just to visit the famous Holland tulips at the Keunkenhof Garden. This time I rode a bus and cross the English Channel to the Port of Calais in France all the way to Lisse. The bus ride was supposedly okay except that some of my fellow passengers were drunk, we have to stop at Dover to evict a passenger.

To cut the story short I arrived in Amsterdam late that I have to rush to Keunkenhof without a meal. The queue was really long but the service is quiet fast so I believe no need to worry much.

Blue magic, these flowers looks like a river.
Holland is known for its windmills and these, tulip fields.
Cultivation of tulips started in Netherlands 400 years ago.
Tulips are originally from the mountains between China and Turkey.

Tulips! Thats why we’re here, to learn the madness that was like a gold rush decades ago when a bulb of a rare tulip will cost you a house. That was also the first market bubble, so significant in this time where economic bubbles are everywhere.

If you expect a long wide plain of tulips, you can’t see it within the gardens but you’ll see a variety of tulips in Keunkenhof. Just across the garden is a field of tulips, which are privately own, you can glimpse from the top of the windmill.

Fields of tulips in Lisse from the windmill go Keunkenhof Gardens.
Lovely little ones…
Did you know that Netherlands exported bulbs worth 681 Euros per year.

If you want to see Keunkenhof, visit the garden on mid-March to mid-May. Make sure to check their web before visiting for I went to Amsterdam last March only to find out they’ll open the day after my departure. Tragic.



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