Across Middle Atlas to Fez

Another entire daylight on the road but now not for Erg Chebbi but for the imperial city called Fez.

After spending a night on Sahara, I took a taxi in Rissani together with some friends I’ve meet on the road for a 7 hour trip to Fez. On the road we stopped in a small town called Ofoz to experience an authentic rural souk in Morocco. I admit I had a lot terrible experience to some people I had met in Marrakesh but just like other urban center maybe it’s a norm to have it. In Ofoz, the people are very nice and warm. The souk was also full of fresh produce like oversized green peppers, supersweet oranges and fresh picked carrots.

Lat glimpse of Erg Chebbi.
Early morning at the middle of teh Morrocan Highway after exploring Erg Chebbi.
Fresh produce from a small village in Morocco.
Morocco might have a very fertile soil, just look at this pepper.

After this quick stop, we continued our journey towards Fez as we savour the sweetest dates that I have ever tasted (I was convinced to buy more). The road was smooth but jagged, surrounded by red plateaus and barren desert intermittently interrupted by dates and olive plantations but as we climbed up the Middle Atlas the flora slowly conquered the barren landscape. Near the foot of the Atlas we decided to have our lunch Midelt, a small town at the foot of the Atlas. By early afternoon, we found ourselves passing by Ifrane. As our Moroccan friend has said, this place is a favoured by Morrocan tourist because of its feel. Manicured plants along the streets, one cannot imagine that he is in Morroco but in Switzerland as they claimed. True to its look, this city is more Western than Moroccan, thanks to the Frenchmen who built it in the 1930’s and for the Al-Akhawayn University for the youthful vibe.

Those Martian red mountains, beautiful.
Friendly monkeys at Azrou.
This is Fez el-Bali.

In Ifrane, we took a detour to a longer route to visit Arzou where friendly monkeys freely roam. By dusk we arrive at the mysterious city of Fes el-Bali where I will take some rest for the rest of the day.

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